Michael Obernesser, Principal Attorney of Obernesser & Obernesser Law Firm

Michael Obernesser has a decade of experience in the courtrooms of Colorado and Illinois, handling all manner of civil and criminal cases.  On the civil side, Michael has experience handling everything from simple breach of contract claims to multi-million dollar insurance litigation, and everything in between.  On the criminal side, Michael has defended clients on charges ranging from traffic tickets and DUIs to Federal drug cases and first degree murder.

Michael graduated magna cum laude from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Michael went on to receive his law degree from the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago, Illinois.

After graduating from Northwestern, Michael worked as a commercial litigation associate in the Chicago offices of two of the largest law firms in the nation, where he litigated multi-million dollar claims on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies.  In 2007, Michael moved back to his hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he maintains his current law practice focusing on civil litigation and criminal defense work.

Michael believes that everyone deserves an attorney who is experienced, dedicated, ethical, and professional, and he strives to maintain that standard in the representation of all of his clients.